Una particpación masiva han tenido diferentes investigadores GAB en la version on-line del SCAR 2020 (www.scar2020.org)

Sesión Plenaria Miercoles 5 11:00 SCL

Dra. Juliana Vianna Plenary Presentation “Penguin Evolution: from population genetics structure to diversification and adaptation”.


Sesion de Poster Miércoles 05 19:00 SCL (20:00 Magallanes)

  • Dra. Karin Gerard “Evolutionary history of Halicarcinus planatus, first marine alien reaching Antarctica”
  • Dra (c) Zambra Lopez “Assessment of the capacity of Halicarcinus planatus to arrive and settle as a potential invasor of Antarctic shallow ecosystems”


 Sesión 32 “Genomic insights into past and present Antarctic Biodiversity” Jueves 06            09:00 SCL (10:00 Magallanes)   

  • Dra. María José Frugone y Dra. Juliana Vianna “Genomic insight into the extent and drivers of genetic differentiation in Eudyptes penguin species and populations”.
  • Dra. Claudia Maturana “Evidence of strong small-scale population structure in the Antarctic freshwater copepod Boeckella poppei in lakes on Signy Island, South Orkney Islands”
  • Dr. Nicolás Segovia “Out from Antarctica: Population genetics suggest recent diversification in the monogeneric family Harpagifaridae (Nototheniidae) along the Southern Ocean”
  • Dr. Claudio Gonzalez “Biogeographical patterns in Southern Ocean near-shore marine benthic mollusks”