Postdoctoral Position in Biogeography of Antarctic Marine Fauna

We are seeking a motivated postdoctoral fellow to join a multidisciplinary team of scientists studying species diversification processes, phylogeographical patterns, adaptation, and co-evolutionary taxa interactions along the Southern Ocean using novel genomic tools, under the historical and contemporary climate change scenario. The candidate will be involved in estimating and forecasting species past, present and future distribution based on macro-environmental features. We are particularly interested in predicting the distribution of species and investigate the potential effect of climate change on past, present and future patterns of species distributions using SDM-techniques. Such skill should be associated to strong analytical capabilities, experience with NGS molecular data, and an interest in analyzing diversification processes in time and geographical space. 

The selected candidate will work closely with basic scientists specialized in molecular ecology, marine biology, microbial ecology, bioinformatics, and a group of world-renowned international collaborators from British Antarctic Survey (BAS), French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor (IPEV), Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography (MIO), Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle (MNHN, Paris), Norwegian Polar Institute, Research Center Dynamics of High Latitude Marine Ecosystems (IDEAL) and Réserve naturelle nationale des Terres australes françaises (RN TAF). 

Further info of Anillo Project ACT172065: “Genomics insight into the past and present of Antarctic Biodiversity: a tool to assess the fate of a unique ecosystem in a changing world (GAB)”